Net worth of Samuel L Jackson

Net worth of Samuel L JacksonDid you know that once this multimillion dollar actor was a failure and took up odd roles for survival? Yes Samuel L Jackson now an actor, producer, dubbing artist is worth $170 million. Born in Washington, the actor spent his early life in Civil Rights Movement. He was a follower of Martin Luther King and was not an aspiring actor until his mentor and actor Morgan Freeman turned his life. With Jungle Fever, there was no looking back for Jackson. With movies like Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction and Die Hard are some of the movies that portrayed him as an upcoming talent. Needless to say, his work was appreciated by critics and juries alike.

Net worth of Samuel L JacksonJackson is a workaholic and works round the clock. His wife La Tanya is an actress and film producer. The duo works on many charity projects. They have supported causes of education, equal right and Alzheimer and have spent millions of dollars for this cause. The actor supports a number of charities and some of them include 21st century leaders, Champions for Children, Hilarity for Charity, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Make A Wish Foundation, Luke Neuhedel Foundation, Listen Campaign, Amber Watch Foundation, MASSIVEGOOD, Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, National Kidney Foundation and the list extends.

The actor in an event for cancer said that there is more left wanting when it comes to testicular and prostate cancer. He asked younger men to check for testicular cancer as it is the most common type of cancer that normally affect young men as per NHS. The Cancer Research UK says that roughly 2000 men are diagnosed with this disease annually. One For The Boys is the charity organization that Samuel Jackson is supporting. This can give an opportunity for men to take openly. He said that cancer is a disease and does not pick any particular race or sex.

Net worth of Samuel L JacksonThe star said that every year people die because of lack of awareness. Most of them are scared to go for tests and those who get an early detection can be saved. If you find painless lumps or swellings in the testicles, it is time for a review. Though, it can be nothing serious as well. The good news is that those diagnosed with cancer survive for a minimum of five years, and this happens in 97 out of 100 cases. Yet, there are chances of it recurring informs the Cancer Research UK charities that Jackson supports.

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