No Rest In Between Shoots For Jackson

No Rest In Between Shoots For JacksonThere is no doubt that Samuel L Jackson is a true professional and dedicated to his work. He is loaded with projects and moves from one shooting spot to another. His passion does not lie in acting alone as he renders voice for video games and animated films. He makes special appearances in series too. The actors have gone through a lot of misfortunes ranging from addiction, racialism, non-adaptive family and a string of failures. Yet, he was able to sustain in the industry and earned a name for him. Would anyone believe that Jackson used to stutter during his early childhood? Jackson was under speech therapy where he was advised to for interviews and castings to overcome the fear of speech. That was how he found his career.

No Rest In Between Shoots For JacksonTogether for Days was the debut film of Jackson and since then there was no looking back. For almost a year, only small roles were coming his way while he managed to make both ends meet. He was also working as a doorman in Manhattan Plaza later became the camera assistant of Bill Cosby. Life was miserable as he turned to alcohol and drugs due to his string of failures. He was at the rehab and was able to get over his addiction. Spike Lee’s film Jungle Fever where he played a drug addict helped him completely recovery from the habit. The most awaited break- through came in 1994. Overnight the actor became a star with Pulp Fiction. The role of Jules was exclusively designed for him by Quentin Tarantino.

No Rest In Between Shoots For JacksonIt is amazing how a star can work without any breaks for twenty years. What is amazing is that he shoots for four to six films in a year. He was financial well placed with income of above 7 billion dollars. All he requires is to take the collection with you of the best fishing knifes and a sip of his favorite coffee drink made from his favorite espresso machine. This is not all he was flooded with awards and is yet to make it to the Oscar and Golden Globe stage. Despite the fame and money nothing has changed for Jackson. He still lives with his wife he married in 1980 and is frugal in his spending. He is a big sports buff and likes to spend on sports. He is a golf player. He also collects action figures along with his portraits.

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