Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret ServiceThe latest release of Samuel L Jackson is all about a secret mission in the Middle East. Jackson plays the antagonist in the film that is dominated by his acting skills. What more can you expect from the Jules of Pulp Fiction? The character is etched from the James Bond movie villains, and these are the ones that plan the evilest things to end the world. There are too much blood and thrill in the air. Jackson’s role was not appealing until you Matthew Vaughn hears why he wanted to saddle Valentine with speech deterrents.

Kingsman: The Secret ServiceJackson narrated his true story of how he had a speech impediment when he was a child and how that drove him to the pinnacle of success. He said that actor told him that if you have everything like Steve Jobs, money, power and everything money could buy yet the stutter and lisp can turn you into nothing as people do not take seriously those who stammer while delivering a speech. The movie has an ensemble of stars and Colin Firth and Samuel L Jackson, who plays Valentine in the film. The character is about a philanthropist, billionaire who has speech deterrence and has uneasiness for blood and violence.

The movie has some baddies that were around for decades, and this film can give them recognition. The film is about how the protagonist Taron Egerton and his mentor played by Colin Firth join hands to stop the evil forces. Sam plays the baddie and has portrayed the role of Valentine to perfection. His speech deterrence was natural and needless to say that he was suffering from this disorder during his early life.

Kingsman: The Secret ServiceJackson is a fashion buff, and you would have seen him in a leather coat in Shaft and skinny suits in Pulp Fiction. He also walks the ramp for good cause. He did it with Luke Wilson and Alice Cooper for One for the Boys charities for cancer cause. Jackson has a liking for choicest of clothes and he is a role model for a youngster who want to be fashion icons. Many youngsters look upon Jackson as a person who loves to have fun.